Barre is a fusion of strength training, ballet, pilates, and yoga and is ideal for those looking to work their muscles to exhaustion in a low-impact format.  By working through this proven routine on a regular basis, participants can expect to see flatter and stronger abdominals, leaner thighs, and greater definition of the arms and back.  This class is done barefoot. 

barre + pilates

Adding a greater variety of pilates-inspired core toning exercises to the traditional barre class, this class is ideal for those looking to tone their body, gain better postural alignment, balance, stability and mobility.

barre burn

In our BURN version of Barre we kick it up a notch by including cardio bursts to get your heart pumping, calories burning, and sweat flowing.  This amazing workout will leave you wanting more!


TRX + Power Fusion Circuit

Shock your body and get the sweat flowing in this total body workout that combines high intensity interval training (HIIT) with strength training. In this circuit-style workout we use TRX suspension trainers, alternating with body weight or other "toys" (BOSU balance trainers, weights, resistance tubing, jump ropes). This class is designed to challenge each individual at their own fitness level, whether beginner or athlete.


gentle yoga

Gentle yoga is ideal for those looking to learn fundamental yoga poses, stretch, relax, and breathe.  This class will increase your balance and flexibility.  You will find that you can reduce your stress and release tension in your mind and body with a regular yoga practice.  Consider this hour dedicated to your wellbeing!  This is a gentle class great for all levels.  

vikasa power yoga

Vikasa yoga is a branch of Hatha yoga where participants develop core strength, gain flexibility, endurance, and balance. Regular practice will promote better alignment and body awareness. Meld movement for the ultimate mind-body balance!

cross mat yoga

Cross mat (universal) yoga takes place on two mats.  The yoga practice in this class develops strength and endurance, increases flexibility in all joints, includes both static and dynamic stretches, and introduces the control of breath (pranayama).  Participants to gain a better understanding of the science behind postures (asanas) through cross mat practice.  This class will leave you feeling energized.


SHIFT (SHORT HIgh intensity fitness transformation)

SHIFT is a 45-minute high intensity interval class that incorporates cardio and strength training using the Tabata method (20 seconds of intense work, with a 10 second rest; repeat). SHIFT your body out of your comfort zone - SHIFT your metabolism into overdrive - Transform your body. Come to class ready to focus, ready to work hard, fast and efficient in just a short, 45 minutes! This class offers modifications to challenge every skill level and we often use strength training equipment. Bring a mat/towel and water.


total body challenge

Want to see real, concrete results in just 6 weeks?  See how fit you are, and how fit you can become.  Using a variety of industry recognized fitness drills and tests we will measure and then challenge your flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, balance and agility.  Whether you're looking to kick-start a new fitness routine, get out of a fitness rut, or are looking for a new challenge, this popular class series is like no other!

Please inquire about the start date of the next challenge.  Join our email list or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates.  This popular class fills up quickly!


Hiit boxing

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Boxing is an explosive two for one cardio and strength work out that is designed to target your entire body. This class incorporates boxing fundamentals and powerful punching combinations that will get your heart rate pumping as you blast your way through each exhilarating 2 minute round. Push your limits as you burn calories, boost your metabolism, relieve stress, improve your balance, coordination and agility. Equipment includes boxing gloves, focus mitts and dumbbells (all provided). Prior boxing experience is not required, all are welcome.