class descriptions





Barre is a fusion of strength training, pilates, and yoga that uses a ballet barre for stability. By working through this proven routine on a regular basis, participants can expect to see flatter and stronger abdominals, leaner thighs, and greater definition of the arms and back.  Not to be confused with dancing, this class is ideal for those looking to work their muscles to exhaustion in a low-impact format. This class is done barefoot. 

TRX barre

A variation on our original Barre class, participants use the TRX Suspension Trainer as the "Barre".  This flips your typical Barre class on its head with new challenges that will tone and strengthen your body even faster!  No TRX experience is necessary (come 5 minutes early if its your first class).




Shock your body and get the sweat flowing in this total body workout that combines cardio and strength training. Our TRX classes focus on using the TRX suspension trainer, and sometimes incorporates other equipment (BOSU balance trainers, weights, kettle bells, jump ropes) or body weight. Our TRX classes are designed to challenge each individual at their own fitness level, whether beginner or athlete.  No prior TRX experience is necessary (we will teach you).  Come 5 minutes early if its your first class.

yoga & pilates


Yoga & TRX Yoga

Yoga is ideal for those looking to learn fundamental yoga poses, stretch, relax, and breathe.  Our yoga classes will increase your balance and flexibility, while reducing your stress and tension. They are a perfect complement to our strength and cardio classes, allowing your body time for recovery and restoration. Our yoga classes are beginner-friendly and no prior experience is necessary.

In our TRX Yoga classes, you’ll find many of the same poses usually done on the mat. We use the TRX suspension trainer as a tool or prop to assist in stretching, deepening poses, and to provide stability for balance poses. Think of it like having your yoga strap attached to the wall!

pilates essentials 1 & 2

This is a Beginning to Intermediate level Pilates Mat class. Advanced students will find benefit in revisiting the deep basic work that makes them "hurt so good." This class is formatted to develop and build each student’s grasp of basic Pilates principles, which is the foundation for all movement. They venture into challenging the mobility of their extremities whilst maintaining a stable core. Be prepared to sweat and work deeply during this full-body workout. Each class is custom to the day and students. They assist and/or challenge the exercises with the use of props-balls, yoga blocks, weights, and other tools.

Power pilates

Faster paced and more upbeat than Pilates Essentials, this is a total body strength workout rooted in Pilates principles, with extra twists to keep it fun and fresh. Expect to use various props to tighten and tone.

CARDIO 30 + Yoga 30

This class is divided into two distinct sections, cardio and strength exercises to get the sweat flowing and give your body the calorie burn it needs, followed by yoga flow on the mat to stretch, lengthen, and relax.



SHIFT (SHORT HIgh intensity fitness transformation)

SHIFT is a 45-minute high intensity interval class that incorporates cardio and strength training using the Tabata method (20 seconds of intense work, with a 10 second rest; repeat). SHIFT your body out of your comfort zone - SHIFT your metabolism into overdrive - Transform your body. Come to class ready to focus, ready to work hard, fast and efficient in just a short, 45 minutes! This class offers modifications to challenge every skill level and we often use strength training equipment. Bring a mat/towel and water.

hiit circuit

Offered in varying time formats to fit your busy schedule, all of our HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts are done in a circuit-style format (either at stations, or as a whole group). We mix up the equipment (TRX, BOSU, weights, balls, jump ropes, mini bands, body weight, medicine balls, and more) to keep these workouts fresh and fun! Get ready to sweat in each workout with cardio bursts to boost your metabolism, burn calories, and challenge your endurance.  You’ll walk away stronger each time…and you’ll be happy you came!